27 de octubre de 2010

Desde el GIJoe Collector's Club

Noticia para esos Real American Freaks... la figura de 2011 para los miembros del Collector's Club

(Image depicts a prototype, final product may vary)
Here is DIAL-TONE - the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club FREE Membership Incentive Figure for 2011! This figure will be sent to any 3 3/4-inch Officer level G.I. Joe Club member whose membership is active by March 16, 2011. Dial-Tone features a stand, classic filecard and accessories, including: 9mm parabellum submachine gun, pistol and an updated version of the original 1986 style radio communications backpack with positional microphone arm! Members can expect to receive this figure with all his accessories in late spring/early summer of 2011.

OFFICER LEVEL members who are ACITVE members by March 16, 2011 and choose the
3 3/4" figure option in their member profile will receive this figure - FREE!

If you join after the March 16th deadline, you will be eligible for the 2012 figure. Also, if you have missed any of the previous figures, most are available now for members to purchase in the Club Store!

Don't miss out! Renew your membership or sign up for the first time TODAY!

Call 1-817-448-9863 or CLICK HERE to join the Club!
Tomado de http://www.gijoeclub.com

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