8 de febrero de 2011

Archangel Exclusive... la espera ha terminado

Esperemos que eso signifique una baja sensible en el precio, por que este angelito anda por las nubes...
To get your X-Force Archangel action figure:
Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Automatic Renewal Program
I understand and agree that at the conclusion of the first term and each subsequent term (monthly or yearly (or such other term as offered by Marvel from time to time)) of my Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription, Marvel will automatically renew my membership so I enjoy continuous service unless I tell Marvel otherwise. Yearly members will be notified via e-mail prior to each new subscription term confirming your continued service and rate. Monthly members will not receive renewal notification. The credit card I use at the time of original purchase will be billed for each renewal at the renewal rate then in effect. I can cancel my subscription at any time by accessing My Account or e-mailing Marvel customer service. All fees paid are nonrefundable. See Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Terms of Use for full details.

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Pricing Policy
All our prices are in US dollars (USD). Prices do not include any applicable fees, charges or taxes.
All subscriptions purchased with a credit card are subject to our automatic renewal policy. All automatic renewal terms will be the same length as the initial subscription (for example, one-month subscriptions renew monthly, yearly subscriptions renew annually) and will be billed at the then-current rate.

  1. Select and purchase a subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited™ by clicking on the order now button to the right. All subscribers get the hassle-free advantage of the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Automatic Renewal Program.
  2. Pay US $5.17 ($6.86 Canadian) for shipping and handling. Write a check or money order to "Figure Redemption, Inc." Offer valid U.S. and Canada only.
  3. Print, fill out and mail the certificate. When you finish subscribing, you'll receive a confirmation number and a printable certificate. Mail to the address provided and include your check or money order for shipping and handling. Must be postmarked by 1/31/2012.
When you're done, you'll get:
  • Immediate, unlimited access to a library of digital comics that expands every week!
  • After eight to ten weeks, you'll receive an exclusive X-Force Archangel 3¾" action figure by mail from Hasbro. You can't get it in stores, and there's a limited number available. Add it to your collection!
Marvel is not responsible for either the receipt or condition of the action figure. All fulfillment of the action figure is the responsibility of the fulfilling party, Figure Redemption, Inc. The customer is responsible for paying shipping and handling, and for the cost of the subscription. Limit one per customer. Due to the limited, exclusive nature of this offer, all subscriptions are NON-CANCELLABLE, and no refunds shall be given.
Offer Valid U.S. and Canada Only. Require Parents Consent If Under 18. While Supplies last. Offer Valid 10/01/10 — 1/31/12. All redemption certificates must be postmarked by 01/31/12.
™ & © 2011 MARVEL. All rights reserved.

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