30 de noviembre de 2010

Soporte de Jabba para ipod/ipad

If you’ve got $125 to blow, I suppose you could do worse than to buy this homemade Jabba the Hutt dock for an iPad or iPhone from etsy.com. I think they could’ve gone the extra mile and made the dock look like Jabba’s throne (plus the price is a bit exorbitant), so I won’t be picking one of these up. As it is, it’s really just a Hasbro Ultra Jabba figure attached to a wooden dock. But I do like how he holds up the iPad for you.

Fuente: www.etsy.com

1 comentario:

  1. Hay que hacer millones para vender, claro solo necesitamos el Vo. Bo. de George Lucas y su firma de abogados... cosa pequeña... jaja


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